Frequently asked questions

All the travel required testing such as PCR, antigen and antibody can be overwhelming. We have gathered the answers to the most commonly asked questions for you below. You can always contact us with extra questions.

We have sent thousands of passengers for their flights so far, we will help you get on your plane.

What tests do you offer and what is the difference?

RT-PCR molecular covid-19 test. This test is laboratory based and is most accurate. Looking for viral RNA and less likely to detect past and inactive infection. This is a labor intensive and expensive test. Processing takes several hours on advanced laboratory machinery before results can be provided. Results return in 24 hours.
Rapid antigen testing. This is an office based test. It is slightly less accurate but faster and easier to process than PCR. Results return in 15 minutes. Patients receive a certificate that is CDC compliant to fly to US as well as compliant with requirements for entry to the UK. Some countries such as USA, UK and Italy agree to accept this less labor intensive test instead of the PCR test. Rapid antibody testing. This test is office based looking for IgM and IgG antibodies in blood. Positive result indicates past covid infection or past covid vaccination. Positive results do not indicate clinically significant immunity or protection. Results return in 15 minutes.

What test do I need for travel to USA?

For land border crossing to the USA there are currently no tests required, only PCR for return to Canada. For air entry to USA there are several test types allowed, among them both RT-PCR test and rapid viral antigen test. If you plan to go to the US and return within 72 hours we recommend PCR test with us so you can get back home to Canada with our test. Our rapid viral antigen test certificate signed by USA and Canada licensed physician will be satisfy covid-19 requirements at the USA border. More about tests for US entry in reference from CDC here.

What is a difference between an antigen test from you and a pharmacy?

Our customer service with best travel advice to will guide you to get the most appropriate test you need. A test with us means you get our contingency protocol for a positive test to get on your flight. We also offer assistance with test results and helpline for our customers if needed 24h per day. We offer more chances to make your flight, proper advice and contingency plan from a licensed physician office.

When will my results arrive?

RT- PCR results will arrive in less than 24 hours. Results arrive by email.

Antigen test results return in 15 minutes.

Will my vaccination affect PCR or antigen test results?

Vaccination for covid-19 does not affect results of our PCR or antigen tests.

I am fully vaccinated do I need a test before my travel?

More and more countries acknowledge "double vaccination" status and are slowly accepting it instead of a test, but as of today most countries still request a negative covid-19 test as a prerequisite to cross border.

When to book a travel test?

This depends on a country of destination and the airline regulations. Most countries require a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours from boarding, but some are more strict and request a test to be done within 48 hours to border crossing. Typically we book PCR tests at least 24 hours before boarding. All timelines count from the moment of test collection. Antigen testing can be done right before your flight. In practice we prefer to book also at least 24 hours to allow time for confirmatory PCR test to rule out false positive results and get you on your plane.

How much does the tests cost?

The RT-PCR test cost 150 dollars + HST.
Antigen testing cost 40 dollars + HST.
Rapid antibody test cost 100 dollars + HST.

Why are the tests not OHIP covered?

OHIP covers tests for health related reasons such as covid-19 symptoms or covid-19 exposure. Although travel is often very important, it remains an elective activity and thus is not covered by OHIP.

Is there a guarantee of RT-PCR results?

The sole laboratory in Windsor processing travel PCR tests provides guarantee to receive results in 36 hours. This guarantee takes into account extremely rare events of potential sample processing problems, machine malfunction and need to send tests away to a different laboratory. Good news is that results actually return much faster. Based on our experience so far over 99% of our samples are returning to patients email in less than 24 hours.

Why do you need my OHIP number?

We collect the OHIP number or passport number for the personal information verification as requested by the processing laboratory to minimize errors. We do not bill OHIP for your visit.

What if my rapid antigen test is positive?

If a rapid antigen test is positive then we implement protocols to make sure we can assist our patients the best we can. This is why we prefer to have ample time before the travel to follow a rapid test with a more accurate PCR test (to rule out false positive results). We at that time will have time to review patient history. In case of a recent documented covid-19 infection we may provide our patients a medical certificate allowing them to board despite a positive test. This is up to discretion of our Canada and US credentialed physician and this consultation is included in the price of your test. We always will do our best to get you on your plane.

Do you provide QR code for Egypt?

Yes we started providing QR code for certain countries including Egypt since July 2021. Results come to your email inbox with QR code on them. We have sent many passengers to Egypt since the QR code implementation and they have crossed the border sucesfully.

Are you on an approved list of clinics by Hawaii government?

We applied to be on the list in July and have reached out many times in followup but so far we have not been an officially accepted covid-19 testing clinic. We have been informed that that there has been a halt in accepting new clinics to the list.

Does positive rapid antibody test indicate covid-19 protection?

Positive rapid antibody test indicates contact with covid-19 either through past virus infection or vaccine exposure. It does not quantify how much antibody protection is present. It does not suggest protection from virus. We recommend vaccination to all eligible persons. Vaccination is the only way to provide reliable immunity against covid-19.

Does positive rapid antibody test indicate history of infection?

The test we perform is not able to tell apart between vaccination and past infection. In case of an unvaccinated persons it would indicate past covid-19 infection. It does not suggest protection from virus. Vaccination is the only way to provide reliable immunity against covid-19.

I need a PCR test to enter Canada when returning from USA - can you help?

Absolutely! If your planned return from USA is within 72 hours we will have you tested in our center and with our results returning to your email you will be able to return to Canada. 72 hours counts from the test collection time.