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Things to Do When Visiting Windsor, Ontario, Canada

If you are looking for a destination to visit, Windsor is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Canada. In this article, we're going to talk about some essential Windsor attractions that should not be missed on your next trip there.


Have you ever wanted to visit Windsor, Ontario?

You can find many things to do in this quaint town. From visiting the historical sites to enjoying a nice walk along the waterfront area, there's something for everyone! If you're looking for family-friendly activities or more exciting options, we have it all right here. Whether you are just passing through or are planning on staying a while, there is always something new and exciting happening in Windsor. Come see what all of the hype is about!

You'll never run out of things to do when you visit this quaint town. We have everything from restaurants and bars where people can enjoy live music and dancing all night long to beautiful parks where families can spend the day picnicking with their loved ones. It doesn't get much better than this!

Things to do while you are in Windsor, Ontario

  1. Visit the Windsor Public Library to get a feel for what life is like in Windsor. Windsor Public Library was the first public library in Canada.

  2. Visit Windsor waterfront to walk, run or bike along its trails and enjoy views of Lake Saint Clair! The Windsor Waterfront Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail which stretches across 16000 kilometers from coast to coast. Walkers can be seen taking their daily exercise here every day.

  3. Windsor is known for its amazing festivals. The Windsor International Film Festival, Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County Carrousel of Nations, Windsor Pride are just some examples that will allow you to enjoy the culture in Windsor!

  4. Visit one (or more) parks around Windsor like Dieppe Gardens or Jackson Park. Go fishing or enjoy a BBQ under the sun. Windsor has over 50 parks and trails, so be sure to explore them all!

  5. The Windsor Symphony Orchestra is one of Canada's oldest performing arts organizations with a long history dating back to 1919 when it was founded as the Windsor Orchestral Society. It offers a variety of concerts that are perfect for social events or a date night!

  6. Windsor is home to many sports teams. You might be able to catch the Windsor Spitfires, Windsor Express, Windsor Bulldogs, and the Windsor St. Clair Saints in action during your visit!

Windsor is known for its historical sites all over the city!

Go on an Architecture Tour with Downtown Windsor Walking Tours to see some of the more historic buildings in town. Windsor has many beautiful pieces of architecture that are worth exploring.

The Canadian Historical Aircraft Association

The hangar at the Windsor International Airport is a treasure trove of history. It houses many historic airplanes, including five planes that are currently flyable - none more impressive than England’s "Lancaster Bomber." This bomber played an integral role in World War II and has been restored for airport displays by members of The Association who maintain all parts themselves with volunteer help from other pilots interested in aviation as well!

If you're ever visiting this great city or even just passing through on your way elsewhere around Ontario then there's no need to miss out; be sure to stop by to see these magnificent machines up close.

Fort Malden National Historic Site

One of the most historic places in Canada, Fort Malden served as a British stronghold during their War with America and helped to capture Detroit from its rebellious inhabitants. A unique look into early Canadian history awaits you when visiting this former military installation today!

The enduring line between past and present at Forts can be found here; both Isaac Brock (the hero who met Tecumseh) AND an 1837 Rebellion were key events that took place within these walls - which also saw occupation by American troops during The Rebellions Of 1837-38.

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church

One of the most historic places in Canada, this Roman Catholic Church was established by a Jesuit Missionary in 1728 and initially named “The Mission of Our Lady of Assumptions among the Hurons.” At the present day, it remains one if not the oldest continuous parishes with tours available for visitors who want to see what life back then might have been like! The surrounding area offers some great opportunities for photography no matter how you're feeling outside- whether chilly or sunny there are always spots here perfect suited just right so please come take advantage while they last because these times won't be around forever :)

Willistead Manor

The Willistead Manor is a stunning historical home in the Walkerville area, which has now been amalgamated into Windsor ON. The manor was commissioned and built for Edward Chandler Walker who's the second son Hiram became famous later on as he founded his own company with their whiskey that would become known far and wide across Canada - Canadian Club Whiskey!

Windsor Armouries

The Armory is a 2-story Romanesque structure that was designed by David Ewart in 1899, with construction following soon after from January 1900 through to 1902. It was declared a historical site on November 27th, 1999 for its relevance throughout time periods past and present at 353 Freedom Way in downtown Windsor, Ontario

It has been said “The armory holds lots pride for residents throughout the county”

In Conclusion

We hope this article has given you some new ideas for your next trip to Canada. Whether it's with family, friends, or on a solo adventure, Windsor is the perfect destination for any occasion! So what are you waiting for? Start planning to learn more about all of the things we have going on here in Windsor, Ontario Canada.

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