PCR, Antigen & Antibody testing in Windsor

Safe Travels Clinic is a covid-19 testing centre in downtown Windsor offering comprehensive testing for travellers, individuals and corporate clients.

We are located downtown Windsor and open 7 days a week.

All our staff has been vaccinated for covid-19 and follow strict protocols for your protection.

For corporate inquiries please contact us at info@safetravelsclinic.com


Call: 226-773-5252

Why choose Safe Travels

At Safe Travels Clinic in Windsor, Ontario, we are different. Unlike a pharmacy or a business pop-up we are a complete medical clinic. Our fully vaccinated staff consists of nurses and a licensed physician.

We are the only place to provide a 24 hours per day results emergency service in case of a problem at the border or a question, all exclusively to our customers included in a price of your tests.

Our RT PCR test will arrive reliably and fast to your email. Our Rapid antigen test returns within minutes and comes with a CDC compliant certificate and valid for travel to USA, UK and selected European Union countries. We have so far successfully assisted thousands of passengers cross international border with our flight clearance tests. Our clients love us and return to us for their next tests!

Book your next pre-flight covid-19 clearance test with us as well!

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Syed Noman Ali Naqvi

Best friendly and quick service got my pcr report in 12 hours


Manuela Solcz

Fantastic friendly service. Received results within 10 hours 👍


Book your fast COVID-19 test in Windsor

Safe Travels Clinic offers several tests including a travel-grade PCR test and a travel-grade rapid viral antigen test.

Our tests are approved by airlines to get on their planes and reach your destination safely.

Please chose from a selection of covid-19 pre-flight clearance tests below and proceed to book with us online. 


Covid PCR test is laboratory processed, most accurate test, searching for active viral RNA - approved by most countries for travel.

Results in 24-48 hours by email.

More on how it works



$200 + HST

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test

Covid rapid viral antigen test is office based, looking for covid-19 virus particles, slightly less accurate than the PCR test. Approved by some countries such as USA, UK and Italy.

Results In 15 minutes with certificate.

More on how it works

Rapid Antigen Test


$75 + HST

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test

Covid rapid antibody test is office based looking for IgM and IgG antibodies in blood. Positive result indicates past covid infection or past covid vaccination. This test is for peace of mind, not approved for travel.

Results in 15 minutes.
More on how it works


Rapid Antibody Test


$100 + HST

What is PCR and antigen test?

Covid-19 PCR test and antigen tests are different types of test to detect covid-19 virus. A negative test result has become a requirement for international travel. This is mandated by new regulations aiming to limit viral spread upon entries to countries and to make air travel safer for everyone.


RT-PCR molecular covid-19 test is is laboratory based, this is the most accurate and most costly because requires complex processing. Rapid viral antigen testing is a simpler test performed in the office.


Which of these tests do you need depends on the country of your destination, explained here



When do I need to book a test for travel?

Most countries require a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours from boarding, but it generally depends on the country you are traveling to. This is a rapidly changing topic and for online booking you can safely follow the recommendations from your airline, who has it most updated and will review your tests before boarding. What counts is time of test collection not when you obtain it.

For our Windsor PCR test we typically test passengers 24 to 48 hours before boarding. More about it here

Although our covid-19 antigen testing takes 15 minutes and can be done right before the flight, we recommend to also book 24-48 hours to allow time for our positive test medical contingency plan.