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The  largest covid testing centre in Windsor

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Syed Noman Ali Naqvi

Best friendly and quick service got my pcr report in 12 hours


Manuela Solcz

Fantastic friendly service. Received results within 10 hours 👍

Why choose Safe Travels

At Safe Travels Clinic in Windsor, Ontario, we are different. Unlike a pharmacy or a business pop-up we are a complete medical clinicOur fully vaccinated staff consists of nurses and a licensed physician. We are a private covid-19 testing centre and covid-19 assessment centre providing you the on-demand covid-19 testing to bypass the limitations to current PCR tests availability. If you need a PCR test Windsor location of Safe Travels will deliver it. Same days appointments and last minute testing is our specialty!  

Our RT PCR test will arrive reliably and fast to your email. Our latest expedited EXPRESS RT-PCR test is the only RT-PCR C19 test that returns to your email in one hour. We are equipped with our own laboratory grade technology to perform the full classic molecular reverse transcriptase test and get you on your plane fast. Results come with a QR code.


Our Rapid antigen test is approved by Health Canada and returns within minutes and comes with a CDC compliant certificate and valid for air travel to USA, UK and selected European Union countries.

We have so far successfully assisted thousands of passengers cross international border with our flight clearance tests. Our clients love us and return to us for their next tests! Book your next pre-flight check-up and covid-19 clearance test with us as well!

Please bring your passport to the appointment to verify all information matches. Card payments only, no cash accepted.

Pcr test in windsor

Book your fast COVID-19 test in Windsor here

Safe Travels Clinic offers several tests including a travel-grade PCR test Windsor and a travel-grade rapid viral antigen test.

Our tests are approved by Health Canada and approved by all airlines. With us you will reach your destination safely.

We now offer an expedited EXPRESS RT-PCR testing with results in one hour, which is the fastest RT-PCR covid-19 test in Windsor has to offer.

Please bring your passport to verify all information and avoid errors. Cashless payments only.

Please chose from a selection of covid-19 pre-flight clearance tests below and proceed to book with us online. 

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standard RT PCR

Gold standard RT-PCR test. Typically processed in our partner laboratory.

Contains QR code.

Results: 24 hours by email

More on how it works


$150 + HST

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express RT PCR

Gold standard RT-PCR test. Point of care test, fully approved for travel. Best for last minute travel or piece of mind. Contains QR code. 

Results in 1 hour by email

More on how it works



$250 + HST

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test
Rapid Antigen

Covid rapid viral antigen test is office based. Approved by some countries such as USA, UK and Italy.

Results in 15 minutes.

More on how it works


$40 + HST

Offering Japan travel certificate 外務管 COVID-19 に関する検査証明

We are now offering covid-19 Japan travel certificates in the price of the express RT-PCR. We are following the recommendations of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan recommendations and document 外務管 COVID-19 に関する検査証明. We will complete all the required fields and make sure all requirements are met. Your certificate will be sent your email with test results.

"Currently, all those who enter, re-enter or return to Japan (including Japanese nationals) are requested to submit a certificate of negative test result of pre-entry COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours prior to departing from the country/region where travelers stay when entering Japan. All travelers including Japanese nationals who do not submit a certificate of negative test result will be denied entry into Japan in accordance with the Quarantine Act. Airline companies will reject boarding those without one. All travelers are kindly requested to use the format prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare."

A sample of a completed certificate can be viewed here.

What is PCR and antigen test?

Covid-19 PCR test and antigen tests are different types of test to detect covid-19 virus. A negative test result has become a requirement for international travel. This is mandated by new regulations aiming to limit viral spread upon entries to countries and to make air travel safer for everyone. Since the change on PCR test availability to the public by the Canadian government at the end of 2021, more and more people are now looking for a private covid-19 testing and COVID-19 Assessment Centres. 


RT-PCR molecular covid-19 test is most of the time laboratory based, this is the most accurate and most costly because requires complex molecular level processing. Rapid viral antigen testing is a simpler test performed in the office.

Which of these tests do you need depends on the country of your destination, explained here


When do I need to book a test for travel?

Most countries require a negative PCR test performed within 24-72 hours from boarding, which depends on the country you are traveling to. This is a rapidly changing topic and for online booking you can safely follow the recommendations from your airline, who has it most updated and will review your tests before boarding. What counts is time of test collection not when you obtain it.

For our Windsor PCR test we typically test passengers 24 hours before boarding. More about it here

Although our covid-19 antigen testing takes 15 minutes and can be done right before the flight, but  in case of a positive test we  recommend to allow time for our medical contingency plan.

Your private PCR covid-19 testing centre in Windsor

Safe Travels Clinic PCR COVID-19 test for travel - our Customer Service

Looking for a PCR covid test for travel in and around Windsor, Ontario? Come to our safe travel clinic downtown Windsor. Unlike other testing sites in Windsor, we are customer-focused and offer best support for your travel. We are consistently scoring five star reviews on google because our customers consider us fast, reliable and return to us for their future tests. We provide help with labwork documentation and travel test planning. We work hard with our physician to make sure we follow the latest CDC recommendations and we are compliant with protocols for positive results. If you are looking for a travel clinic Windsor? Contact us for best travel clinic services with multiple contact options available.

Looking for a "PCR test for travel near me"?

Our clinic is conveniently located downtown Windsor on a bus route of busses 1A and 1C, right in front of a bus stop at Ouellette and Ellis. If you are a Windsorite looking for a travel clearance test - our location is closest to anyone. If you are looking for a travel PCR test near me: we are right on Ouellette Avenue between Jackson Park Downtown Windsor and Windsor Regional Hospital Ouellette Campus. We are a walking distance from the University of Windsor, where all major facilities are easily accessible. 

Safe Travels Clinic COVID-19 testing clinic in Windsor - our Availability

We are open 7 days a week 365 days a year. Christmas or New Year Day covid test? We are open and making sure you get your test completed so you can get on your airplane. We offer the simplest online PCR test booking in Windsor. We are available, easily accessible and provide fastest result turnover in Southern Ontario, also best travel clinic services in Windsor. Safe Travels clinic covid-19 test Windsor location is your best choice. Call us today at 226-773-5252 for a safe travel clinic appointment in downtown Windsor, Ontario, or book online with us to make your appointment. 

Safe Travels Clinic COVID-19 rapid test - our latest expedited EXPRESS PCR test

While we still offer a standard RT-PCR covid test, a polymerase chain reaction test that detects the presence of the covid-19 virus in your system, we now offer a new service. Our expedited EXPRESS RT-PCR test for travel is an answer to all last minute processing requests up till now we were not able to fulfill. Since December 2021 we have acquired a Health Canada approved point of care RT-PCR machine to offer 1 hour urgent test processing. This is a complete real time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction test (RT-PCR) adapted for point of care processing. It is approved for all countries and is a perfect solution for our passengers who need a last minute urgent PCR test or need to have their test completed without delay for a piece of mind.